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Matt Epling.Com

"To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world."

About Matt

One of the happiest days of our lives was the day Matt was born. Matt was a talented and giving young man who will be greatly missed by his many friends and family members. His creativity lives on through his writing, poetry, art, use of drama and his quirky sense of humor. Matt was on both the Citizenship and Honor Rolls at MacDonald Middle School. He was voted by his eighth grade classmates to have the best smile, the best personality, and most likely to become an actor. He enjoyed the outdoors and spent countless hours practicing stunts and tricks on his bike on a ramp he built in front of his house.

On Matt's last day of Eighth grade he was assaulted by upperclassmen as part of a high school "Welcome to High School" Hazing. Although this was an Assault and Battery, little was done at the time to those who perpetrated the crime.

Roughly forty days later, the night before we were to go to the police to begin formal charges, Matt ended his life. Perhaps because of what happened and the corresponding threats he received, he was afraid of retaliation, but we will never know.There are still many unanswered questions such as why eyewitness to the assault, or fellow employees at Matt's job were never interviewed. We felt more time was spent to separate the two incidents than to find out how connected they really were. Since then we have met other families across America who have faced the similar loss of a child, and we know we are not alone.

We lost our only son and the world lost a bright star that faded far too soon. We have dedicated ourselves to making sure that "No child goes through what Matt did and no family goes through what we have."