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Matt Epling.Com

"To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world."

Presentation Info and Availability

Due to increased demand for school visits and conferences, current bookings are for Fall 2012 and into Spring of 2013

Kevin and Tammy are members of Bully Police USA and are very active in speaking with civic groups and schools about their personal experience through their presentation, "Bullying and Harassment: The Ostrich Principle." They have recently contributed to a book, "Bullycide in America: Mom's speak out about the bullying suicide connection." to help raise awareness on this important issue.

The Eplings have been actively telling their story to numerous civic, educational and parent groups, and have been featured on CBS 48HRS, CNN, The Mitch Albom Show and several other local and regional news outlets. Kevin and Tammy have established an art competition for middle school students to explore the arts and assist in building self esteem. 

Presentations are catered to the audience and we work with schools and groups as to what issues to cover. We strongly encourage schools to do large assemblies and if possible a parent night as well. A typical school presentation is 60 min and will cover the basics of bullying, what it is and is not/ cyberbullying/ the rise in teen bullycide/the bystander effect and becoming an "Agent of Change".

Each school session is 50-60 min. and cover the items listed below. We try to rotate information and continually add information to make it fresh and current for students.

3-4 sessions during a school day is acceptable, additional sessions need to be worked out in advance.

Evening parent/community events are also available and must be done in conjunction with a school visit unless specifically discussed in advance.

Due to recent demand for school visits and conferences, current bookings are for Fall 2012 and into Spring of 2013

We respond to all emails but due to increased email traffic, please email again if you do not receive a reply within a few days.

If you have opportunity for a speaker, anti bullying consultant, workshop presenter or would like to get more information about fees and services –

The Eplings can be reached by emailing [email protected]

Be sure to see what others have said about the presentations we've done to date. Testimonials

Presentation Topics

On Bullying

  1. Exposing Bullying and Hazing in our schools
  2. Building better community relations
  3. Law Enforcement's role in solving bullying problems
  4. Raising awareness through personal loss
  5. Ending the "Ostrich Principle"
  6. The Bullying/Suicide connection
  7. Develop action plans for your school/department
  8. Generating new ideas within the school/community
  9. Question/ Re-evaluate your own policies and procedures
  10. Becoming an Agent of Change

On Grief/ Loss.

  1. A day at time
  2. Living with the loss of a child
  3. Living with purpose
  4. Taking Grief with you
  5. Finding a "new" normal.
  6. The Bullying/Suicide connection