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Dear fellow supporter,
For the past five years we have been advocating for  better policies within our schools to help protect our children from bullying and other school related violence. This push for change in  time became "Matt's Safe School Law" which now sits before the Senate Education committee. We have passed the Michigan House and we need to pass the Senate before the end of December to see this bill become law. The Senate has had a full year to talk with those involved, call a hearing or simply pass it to the floor for a vote, and nothing has been done. Those working on the bill have worked together to compromise on language and content, worked with schools and community groups and assisted in trainings for educators and law enforcement personnel in anticipation of it's passage.
Many groups and individuals have been working on this issue long before we and others became involved, but all with the same goal: to make a our schools safer and our children's lives better. Much of this has been from grassroots support with people donating countless hours of their time to this cause.During this time we have lost additional children to school violence, and we also mourn the loss of a parent who fought hard on her child's behalf to make things better for other children.We can no longer not sit by the sidelines and watch years of hard work go unfulfilled. Together we can make her dream and ours a reality by reaching out to others.
As December fast approaches we need to cultivate more public awareness about "Matt's Safe School Law". What it is , what it will do and how it can begin to change the climate within our schools. This is also the first time we are asking for your financial support to help develop a short targeted informational campaign to inform more people about the bill and its looming deadline. Your potential financial support, large or small, can help us spread the word across Michigan. Please pass this message along to others you know who may be willing to help.
We are also working with companies and community groups but my personal goal for the parents of Michigan is $1,800.00 Aside from our time, Tammy and I are pledging $250 to get the ball rolling, we hope you will continue to help us help others. If you are not able to give financially, the time you spend talking about "Matt's Law" with friends and co-workers is just as valuable. Our legislators need to hear your comments and your personal stories. You can contact them at this web site and send them a message of why this law is important and can change Michigan's schools.

Please contact us as soon as possible at [email protected] for any additional questions.
Donations can be sent to:
 Matt Epling Creative Arts Competition
1633 Colorado Drive
East Lansing, MI 48823
19641 West Seven Mile Road,
Detroit, Michigan 48219-2721   

We thank you for all of your emotional and personal support over the years, and we remain optimistic that as a statewide community we can, raise awareness, change attitudes and change the culture within our schools.
Tammy and Kevin Epling
Parent's of Matt Epling
Member's of Bully Police USA


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